If you are struggling to lower your cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure, or improve your gut health and lose weight, here’s why:


 ...if you ever want to live a long and healthy life!


If you’re like more people who struggle to keep your important health markers in check. Or are not sure what to feed your family so you can avoid the chronic diseases your parents and grandparents have had, then reading this letter will be the most important thing you do in your life today!

From Alisia Essig, Plant-Based Nutritionist

There is a “rite of passage” to living a long and healthy life. There’s simply no way around it! No society that has the most centenarians (people who live to be 100 years old and older) has ever avoided it!

And at one point or another, if you're actually committed to living a long and healthy life, you’ll have to follow this way of living too.

What is this “rite of passage?”

Well, unfortunately for me, it took my husband having a stroke before I even figured out what I was missing.The stroke affected his vision and he couldn’t work or drive for months. He was just 37 years old and we had 6 kids 8 years old and younger at the time (including twin 9 month old boys).

After my husband had his stroke the doctors couldn’t tell why this had happened to someone so young (he had no hole in his heart, no heart arrhythmia, no genetic issue). When we left the hospital we were just given a piece of paper that said we needed to follow a heart healthy diet from here on out.

I reached my breaking point and was willing to do whatever it took. I had previously lost my 55 year old father to his one and only heart attack. I was grateful that with my husband we at least got a warning.

As I prayed to God and asked for guidance I was led to dive deeper to understand the Word of Wisdom (a health code that members of my faith try to follow). While I had always lived true to the don’ts of the Word of Wisdom (no alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or coffee) I hadn’t been as great at focusing on the do’s (eat more herbs, whole grains and plants, eat meat sparingly–only in times of need). I realized that if we were going to see the miracles in my husband’s health that I had been praying for, I should be willing to follow all of God’s guidance, and

  • Eat more plants (fiber only comes from plants)
  • Eat less meat

If your health journey has been anything like mine was, you probably start with this:

“I need to lose weight and be healthier to improve my important health markers!”

Quickly followed by, “And I don’t know how!

And the more you learn how to do it, that voice in your head turns from,

“I don’t know how.” to:

“I don’t know if I have what it takes!”

There’s only so much failure and struggle that you can endure before that voice in your head answers that question of, “Do you have what it takes” with a “NO.”


You can read every single book on the planet, watch every single documentary, and watch every youtube and instagram video…

You can learn everything about everything nutrition….

… and STILL not make lasting changes to your health until you have the right answers to just two simple questions:



Am I eating enough fiber? 



Am I eating meat sparingly, and getting enough protein?

It is very rare that anyone (including you!) can live a long and healthy life, without chronic disease, unless they are eating enough fiber.

And until you have a system in place to eat enough fiber from whole plant foods… you won’t get the results that you desire. 

EVERY single society with the most centenarians on our planet live a 90-95% plant-based diet. They consume enough fiber by prioritizing whole plant foods.


No society that prioritizes animal protein over plants even compares to the health and longevity of those who live in the Blue Zones (pockets of cities in the world that have the most amount of people who live the longest). Eating more animal products does not give you the same protection that eating more plants gives you.

After a heart attack, doctor’s don’t say, “You were eating too many vegetables!”

NO! They say, “You need to cut down on saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, and eat more fiber!”

And if your doctor hasn’t already been saying that to you...

...it’s only a matter of time!

So, when you can answer these two vital questions with confidence, clarity, and absolute certainty, congratulations! You too will have joined the ranks of the few who make it through this rite of passage and live a long and healthy life!

In order to get there you must, must, must:

  • Know how to eat enough fiber, AND
  • Choose to eat meat sparingly

With personal experience after my husband’s stroke, and with the real results of lowering my husband’s cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure through a plant based diet, I want to help you solve BOTH of these problems so you can finally get on doing what you were put here to do AND THRIVE!


If you made it a priority to eat enough fiber and got your protein from plants...

....would you still struggle with your cholesterol, triglycerides or blood pressure?

...would you still struggle with gut health?

...or struggle losing weight?


...would you finally OWN your health?!

...and have more energy than you know what to do with?

...And how you could help and serve others more once you are in a better place?

And if you could improve all your important health markers, and reduce your risk of chronic disease, imagine all the good years in life you will get to live…

...if you could run or walk without getting tired?

....and if you could manage with grace all the burdens that life puts on your shoulders…

...who would you be showing up and serving more?!

...and would you be lit up and fulfilled by all the progress and results you are finally making?!

By now, you’re probably noticing that so many of the “health woes” you’re experiencing can be connected back to these two sneaky culprits:

Not Eating Enough Fiber, &

Eating too Many Animal Products.

So... are you ready for your Rite of Passage?

Are you ready to finally overcome these two MASSIVE hurdles that hold far too many big-hearted amazing people back from long lasting sustainable health?

If it’s a resounding, “YES!” then here’s how I can help:

I have THREE OPTIONS that are specifically designed and proven to answer BOTH of these critical questions. These trainings, courses and videos have already helped hundreds go on to improve important health markers, have better gut health and lose weight sustainably…. and now it’s your turn!



PROGRAM #1: The PlantWhys Empowered by Plants Membership


The PlantWhys Membership

Over the past few years I have seen so many people learn why plant based eating is good for them. They have bought the books and have some education. But they stay stuck and their health never improves much beyond those thoughts in their head. 

This means if they never apply what they have learned, they won’t get the benefits that this incredible knowledge brings—like a longer, healthier life, free of pain and chronic disease.

It is for that reason that I wanted to help as many people as possible learn the HOW of plant-based eating so I can help you get your results even faster. I wanted to create a membership that was affordable, so anyone could join and get the support they need.

Learning HOW to cook plant-based meals is ESSENTIAL. And when you finally do unlock these new skills and overcome the roadblocks keeping you stuck, just consider how many opportunities and health benefits will immediately unravel for you.

In our membership you will...

  • Discover how to cook plant focused meals, one little baby step at a time
  • Gain the clarity you need around nutrition, understanding how to easily add more whole plant foods to your meals
  • Learn how to ease into plants comfortably so you gut has time to adjust to more fiber without excess bloating and gas

When you sign up for our membership will will immediately get access to:

  • Monthly plant focused Masterclasses!

  • Weekly cooking demonstrations!

  • Meal plan building with recipes you love!

  • A clear step by step success path!

  • An engaged community with challenges and prizes!

  • Weekly group fitness classes!

  • A monthly Mindset Q&A!

  • BONUS: The most incredible free gift ever–the No Recipe Cookbook

Join Our Membership Now

Choose How to Start Your

Plant-Based Journey

Mini Course:

Plant-Based Pathway

This is for you if you are just starting your plant-based journey and are not quite ready to make the full plunge. It is a 5 day, 5 class course where you learn simple tips and tricks to ease into eating more plants without turning your lifestyle upside down.

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Course Only:

Empowered by Plants

This is for you if you like to learn on your own and just need a little support in order to make significant changes in your life towards health, happiness, and longevity. 

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Group Coaching Program:

Empowered by Plants

This program covers the same topics/videos/goals as the self paced online course, but with group and personalized coaching. It is an intensive program where you will meet one-on-one with a registered dietitian nutritionist at the beginning and the end of the program. You will also meet one-on-one with one of our health coaches in the middle of the program so that every month you get personalized assistance. You will also have access to the weekly group coaching sessions and the cooking classes.

This program is perfect for you if you like to be held accountable by someone else in order to make significant changes in your life. It is the most comprehensive group coaching program out there. We hold your hand every step of the way because we want to make sure you are set up for success so that you can feel better now and live longer later!

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