Vegan Yogurt Made in the Instant Pot

instant pot soy yogurt vegan yogurt yogurt Jun 01, 2024

Vegan Yogurt Made in the Instant Pot
Serves: 6-8  • Total Time: 3 days  • FODMAP Rating: low

While this recipe takes 3 days to complete, it is pretty simple and hands off. I suggest starting the process at night! You can really set it and forget it until it is ready the next evening, then you can easily let it strain over night so it is ready the followign morning. It is by far the cheapest way to eat vegan yogurt. I like to make a plain yogurt and add sugar right before I eat it. That way I can also use the yogurt for sour cream in other recipes. It is important to note that if you are using store bought vegan milk that it can't have any fillers. (I like to use the soy milk from Trader Joes) And if you can't find a vegan milk without fillers, then you can make your own milk--but you HAVE to boil it first, then return it to room temperature before you add in the probiotics. Homemade cashew, almond, or oat milk are great options and make for a really creamy yogurt if you keep the water to nut/oat ratio lower than usual (for a more creamy milk). 

Your choice of plant milk (make sure it has no fillers. I buy the boxed soy milk from Trader Joes. The only ingredients are soy beans and water.)
Probiotic capsules OR a couple spoonfuls of a vegan yogurt with live active cultures. 

1.Choose your milk. If it is store bought, make sure it doesn't have any fillers. If you are making your own, then you will need to boil the milk first, then return it to room temperature or even fridge temperature before you begin. 
2. Clean the inside of your instant pot thoroughly with either boiling water or baking soda. 
3. Add the milk to two large wide mouth mason jars or one glass bowl then mix in the probiotics by either opening 2-4 capsules and mixing them in, or alternatively you can just add a couple of scoops of another vegan yogurt that contains LIVE ACTIVE CULTURES.
4.Place the mason jars or the bowl inside your instant pot and close the lid. Push the yogurt button on your Instant Pot. It if automatically wants to boil--and you have already boiled your homemade yogurt, or if you have store bought milk--then press the low option and it will cancel out the boil. 
5.Set the timer for about 17 hours. I prefer to set it up to 24 hours. The longer it is in there, the tangier the yogurt will be.
6.After 17 hours check and make sure it has set and has become thick like yogurt. If your milk was cold when you started the process, it might take longer. (cold milk usually takes about 24 hours)
7.Once it looks thick, then place a strainer over a bowl, and place a cheese cloth over the strainer. Add the yogurt to the cheese cloth that is over the strainer that is over the bowl. Cover it with a plate and place it in the fridge to sit over night. 
8. In the morning, pull out the bowl and remove the plate. On top of the cheese cloth should be a nice creamy yogurt. Inside the bowl should be a significant amount of water. When you strain soy yogurt, the liquid that separates is typically referred to as soy whey or soy whey alternative. While it may not have the same nutritional composition as dairy whey, it still contains some protein and other nutrients from the soy milk. I like to keep this liquid and use it in a smoothie or other recipes. It does have a yogurt-y taste. 
9. Add the yogurt to a glass mason jar and store in the fridge for up to 7 days. You can then use this yogurt as the probiotic yogurt in your next batch!

I like to top my yogurt with maple syrup, berries, and granola!




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