Avocado Toast

avocado toast breakfast plant based plant based breakfast vegan Nov 01, 2023

Avocado Toast
Serves: 1 • Total Time: 10 minutes • FODMAP rating: medium

Quick and easy breakfast idea that has lots of variations! 

1 large slice of whole grain or sourdough bread
¼  or ½ ripe avocado
Salt and pepper

Other ideas:
Everything Bagel Seasoning
hemp seeds
smoked paprika
nutritional Yeast
thinly-sliced cucumbers
sliced tomatoes
leafy greens

Toast the bread. 
Mash avocado and spread on the toast. 
Add any additional toppings and experiment to find your favorites!

*Don’t forget to preload on vegetables before you eat!

*FODMAP swaps: Keep avocado portion to under ¼ whole avocado and increase as tolerated; keep hummus portion to under 1 tablespoon; opt for sourdough or under 1 slice of whole grain bread increasing as tolerable

*Gluten-Free: choose gluten-free bread and make sure seasoning is gluten-free


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