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How to Eat Meat Sparingly and Eat more Plants so You Can Feel Better and Live Longer  


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How to Feel Better Now and Live Longer Later By Eating Plant-Based

Find out the easiest and most sustainable ways to take your health back, and get easy, actionable steps to add more plants into your life without trying.


Learn the top 3 most important things you MUST do to be successful when eating meat sparingly and eating more plants.


Discover what framework to start using when planning meals so you experience the best results.


This unique workshop will help you increase your fruit and vegetable intake to have more energy, better gut health and less risk of health challenges.


"Since June I have lost 45 lbs! I used to be around 243 and now I am around 198. I haven’t been perfect, but I have been trying to follow a plant-based diet as close as I can along with exercise and it has shown amazing results!"


My son's teacher wanted to know what I changed because she saw so much improvement with my son. He has ADHD and nothing helped until we went plant-based. He now is off all medication and is doing amazing in school." 


After 3 weeks of eating delicious plant-based meals, my eczema completely cleared up! Normally, I would need steroid creams to get those results but these results came from the inside out!

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