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Empowered by Plants Course Starts June 20th, 2022

This Course EMPOWERS you to make simple changes to help you feel better now and live longer later.

 Over the next few months, 1-2 videos and guides will be added to your portal every week. (This is a drip course format that starts on June 20th. You won't have access to the entire course until Mid September)

What you'll get:

Welcome Health Audit and Goals 

Module 1: The Prep

Finding Your Why 

How To Live in Abundance

Grocery Store Guide 

Pantry Essentials 

Basic Nutrients & Supplementation 

Plant-Based Options For on the Go 

Essential Foods To Eat Everyday 


Module 2: Getting Started

How to Cut Back on Dairy

How to Eat Meat Sparingly

Hot to Limit Highly Processed Foods

How to Ease Off Added Sugars

How to Ease the Bloat


Module 3: Deepening Your Why

Timeless Nutrition

Finding Truth in Dietary Trends

The Microbiome

How to Achieve Your Optimal Body Weight

Athletic Performance

Women’s Health and Infertility

Feeding Children and Groups


Module 4: Promoting Longevity 

How to Minimize Your Risk of Heart Disease

How to Minimize Your Risk of Cancer

How to Minimize Your Risk of Diabetes

How to Minimize Your Risk of Alzheimer's Disease and Stroke


Module 5: Understanding The Bigger Picture

Food and Politics

Food and the Environment


Module 6: Success with a Holistic Approach


Intuitive Eating

Holistic Health

Closing Health Audit


The Empowered by Plants course prepares you to live a predominantly plant-based lifestyle with competence and confidence.