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6 modules packed full of downloadable guides, video presentations, and attainable weekly goals

Weekly live coaching sessions to go over unique topics and answer your questions in real time

New meal guide every week, including recipes, plant-based food prep tips, and organized shopping lists

Our Empowered by Plants program is very different from the common healthy methods you’re likely familiar with. Our program doesn’t just help you achieve your optimal body size, but rather it helps give you more energy, strengthens your skin, hair, and nails naturally without supplements, improves your gut health, and most importantly helps prevent chronic disease.

And it does this just by helping you regularly consume more whole plant foods without turning your lifestyle upside down. 

Our simple step-by-step system not only gives you the knowledge of why this works, but the wisdom of putting it all into practice quickly and easily. Best part of all, it doesn’t require you to count calories or macros or to workout for hours every day. 

When you have the right tools through our program, you can easily live a predominantly plant-based lifestyle even if you don’t like to cook or spend hours in the kitchen trying new recipes. 

If you want to eat in a way that gives you more energy, strengthens your skin and hair, improves your gut health and most importantly helps prevent chronic disease, don't wait to feel better. Apply for our program today, and join a community of plant-based advocates and team members who want you to succeed as much as you do. 

Feeling good should be the norm,

not the exception.

Join Empowered by Plants and make feeling good YOUR norm.


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Certified Plant-Based Nutritionist


4 years ago I was you. Feeling frustrated and drained, but craving a healthier lifestyle. I knew I should be feeding my family more fruits and vegetables, but they didn’t want to eat them, and I didn’t want the battle. I wasn’t willing to make the change even though I knew deep down I should. 

And then, one year later, my husband had a stroke. And I realized that I NEEDED to make this a priority no matter what. I changed my family’s diet as a mom with six kids, ages 8 years and younger, with a husband recovering from the after effects of his stroke. No formal nutritional education. Not knowing where to start. Jumping into it imperfectly, inexperienced, and head first. 

We got incredible results: all my husband’s health numbers improved. He lost weight and has kept it off without even trying. BUT I learned everything the hard way. I tried many recipes that flopped. I spent countless hours researching, certifying, and learning firsthand what makes a big dietary change unnecessarily harder than it needs to be. We even experienced bloating and gut issues, until I learned simple tips.


The good news is that you don’t have to go through that, because I am about to share with you our method for the absolute easiest way to start eating plant-based.

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